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Do you want to add some widgets like the picture above  in your WordPress site.Then use my 5th WordPress Plugin – Sticky Notes Widget.

Using this widget users can add beautiful notes to the widget area of their WordPress site.Different styles of background,attacher and fonts are available.User pick color by colorpicker and define the margin of the widget.

4 thoughts on “Sticky Notes Widget

  1. Jerry Hatfield says:

    I found and tried this plugin this morning to replace the one that crashed my site yesterday. This widget has many features I like, not just the color, but background style as well as font options. I would like to see an ability to add a image as well as the ability to create a url text link option. Thank you for what you do,


    • First of all thank you for using my plugin :)
      You can use html tags to add image and links.

      For images you can use html tag like this :
      <img style="height:YOUR_IMAGE_HEIGHT_IN_PIXEL;
      For links:

    • Jerry Hatfield says:

      This is great news Nazmul. I’ve been having a blast with html tags. Tables,
      text, form tags, Thank you tip.

  2. S.i.T. says:

    Hi, Your plugin is great, unfortunately it destroyed the layout in the mobile view.

    Greetings S.I.T.

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