Date Translator is my 3rd WordPress Plugin.This plugin is used for display date in any language that user wants.WordPress may not available in your language but you can display date in your language in your WordPress site by using this plugin. After writing about “Display Date in Any Language With PHP” I thought about to make a plugin like this.I have used the same technique to make this plugin that I described in that blog post.  

If your site is in a different language than English then you must need to display date and time in that language in your site.It is very easy to display date in any language with php. You can do this by using str_replace() function.All you have to do replace the numbers, months and day names with your wanted language’s words. Str_replace() function is used to replace parts of a PHP string with new value. I am going to create a function named translated_date_and_time() . . . .

Hi, Today I am going to talk about how to move files with php There are two ways to do it. 1. Copy and Delete First you have to copy that file you want to move to where you want and then delete the old copy. Example: 2. Using Rename Function This one is easier than the first one.You have to give the path of the file that you want to move in the first parameter of the rename() function . . . .



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