CSE115 Project

CSE115 is the elementary course of computer science and engineering at North South University. It’s basically a C programming language course. Last semester (Spring 2017) I took that course. At the end of the semester we had to submit a project based on what we have learned from the course. I made a program that mimics a mobile phone company’s network. I got 12 out of 10 for that project!

It is a menu driven command line program. It can be logged in as an Admin or as a User. An admin can add new admins and users, delete admins and users, add credit to users’ account. And a user can send text to other users and call other user (not actually).

I have used binary files as databases and made custom data structures to store the data in the binary files. I am sharing the codes here. Do whatever you want with them, but don’t submit exactly this thing as your project because your faculty can easily trace back the source.

Download it from here:

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