Posted on 23 March, 2017

This post is to help my CSE115 classmates at North South University. I’ll try my best to explain you how to compile C program using Makefile  feature on windows platform. I’ll be discussing two things, how to install C compiler and how to write Makefile and compile using it. Installing Compiler You may have been using Codeblocks or some other IDE to code in C language. That IDE have a compiler installed inside it. Now you have to make the compiler . . . .

I have been taking CS50 for a while. CS50 is a online introductory course on computer science from Harvard University. I am having a lot of fun doing this course. I have completed some of the psets in this course. Here is my implementation of selection sort algorithm for pset3.

Recently I just learned some basics of C Programming.After learning I made a simple project with C.My project is to make a program that create .html file with some valid Html5 codes. Here is my codes for main.c 🙂