Posted on 23 March, 2017

This post is to help my CSE115 classmates at North South University. I’ll try my best to explain you how to compile C program using Makefile  feature on windows platform. I’ll be discussing two things, how to install C compiler and how to write Makefile and compile using it. Installing Compiler You may have been using Codeblocks or some other IDE to code in C language. That IDE have a compiler installed inside it. Now you have to make the compiler . . . .

I have been taking CS50 for a while. CS50 is a online introductory course on computer science from Harvard University. I am having a lot of fun doing this course. I have completed some of the psets in this course. Here is my implementation of selection sort algorithm for pset3.

Do you want to add some widgets like the picture above  in your WordPress site.Then use my 5th WordPress Plugin – Sticky Notes Widget. Using this widget users can add beautiful notes to the widget area of their WordPress site.Different styles of background,attacher and fonts are available.User pick color by colorpicker and define the margin of the widget.

Have you ever thought of adding qrcode to your wordpress site’s sidebar? Here is my 4th WordPress plugin – WpQrcode.This plugin can add qrcode widget to your wp sidebar. This allows user to add a widget that generates QrCode for every page dynamically. Whenever a visitor visits the site the widget will show qrcode for current page that the visitor is visiting. User can add the widget with and without title, define the size of the qrcode, fill color and . . . .

Date Translator is my 3rd WordPress Plugin.This plugin is used for display date in any language that user wants.WordPress may not available in your language but you can display date in your language in your WordPress site by using this plugin. After writing about “Display Date in Any Language With PHP” I thought about to make a plugin like this.I have used the same technique to make this plugin that I described in that blog post.